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RMTC 2021- Presentation Slides


DeLaughter, Dennis
Dennis DeLaughter

Dennis DeLaughter: Keynote: Embracing Change: Expecting the Unexpected

COVID-19 may not have changed everything, but it certainly has changed most things in the world in which we live to the point that some things may never be the same. While we are moving toward a post-COVID-19 world, we are not there yet, and we can expect even more changes over the next year as the unexpected ramifications of change continue. We will cover how things have changed in the US and world economies and how to position ourselves as we expect the unexpected.

Agreeta: The Power of Sustainability

Leading Panel:
Corinna Baban, Agreeta USA, President

Panel Participants:
Pam West, Brookshire Dryers

Mark Pousson, Louisiana Independent Rice Producers Assn.
Brian Ottis, Rice Tec
Jim Whitaker, Whitaker Grain

Panel Summary: How sustainability is driving higher revenue opportunities, creating new revenue streams, and supporting Client initiatives to benefit consumers globally. Find out how harnessing sustainability is becoming a key risk mitigator and a revenue generator.

Steve Linscombe
Steve Linscombe

Dr. Steve Linscombe - New Technologies Accelerate Delivery of Improved Rice Varieties for the Americas

Steve Linscombe presented how we have gotten to where we are in rice breeding by providing a historical perspective. Steve discussed how newer technologies will facilitate and accelerate the delivery of new and improved rice varieties throughout the Americas, and how after many years of expectation, breeders are now fully implementing Marker Assisted Selection into conventional rice breeding programs. This is becoming more commonplace because of the long-term research that has provided the database for implementation as well as because the cost of using this technology is finally getting to a reasonable level for incorporation into programs. Also, Steve discussed the potential for the use of CRISPR technology in rice breeding; discussing both the promises this technology brings as well as the controversies of its implementation.

Indigo Ag: Using Technology to Drive Data Through the Supply Chain

Cody Corbell. VP/ Head of Buyer, Rice and Specialty Grain

Jyoti Shankar, Principal Data Scientist
Steven Emerson, Strategy and Business Development Manager


DeLaughter, Dennis
Dennis DeLaughter
Thomas Wynn
Thomas Wynn

Dennis DeLaughter & Thomas Wynn - Risk Management Seminar

A course in Futures, Strategy and Planning

Garriss, James
James Garriss

James Garriss - Flood, Drought & Unexpected Weather: Understanding Natural Weather and Climate

The weather has become more extreme, but if you look at natural weather factors, it is easy to understand why. There are short and long-term natural factors that are influencing the weather in North America and around the world. In this presentation, we will get a better understanding of the oceanic and atmospheric climate that will influence weather for the remainder of 2021 and beyond. We will also look into probable weather patterns in major rice-producing regions around the world in preparation for its impact on the upcoming seasons.

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