Speakers and Presentations

The presentations from the 2012 Convention in Miami, FL have been provided below for your convenience. All information is owned by the presenter/speaker.

[toggle title=”Dr. Peter Timmer “]The Changing Role of Rice in Global Food Security: Implications for Latin America Download PDF[/toggle] [toggle title=”Joel Widenor”]Global Weather Roundup: Boom or Bust? Download PDF[/toggle] [toggle title=”Alejandro Coutullenc”]Port of Veracruz Download PDF [/toggle] [toggle title=”Jeffrey Fajardo”]What Does Free Trade Mean for Rice Download PDF [/toggle] [toggle title=”Dr. Steve Linscombe”]Seed Purity is Not an Accident Download PDF [/toggle] [toggle title=”Robert Papanos”]Asian Politics Set World Rice Prices Download PDF [/toggle] [toggle title=”Dr. Brian Ottis & Lenadro Pasqualli”]RiceTec Hybrid Rice Facts and Figures Download PDF [/toggle] [toggle title=”Randy Outzs & Dr. Steve Linscombe”]Horizon Ag: Challenges of Long Grain Quality, Identity Preserved Download PDF [/toggle] [toggle title=”Panel: An Overlooked Business Opportunity”]An Overlooked Business Opportunity: Managing Rice Margins and Profits in the Americas via US Rice Futures Click on the names to download the presentation Milo Hamilton Jason Wheeler Jack Scoville Gerardo Luna Dr. Fred Seamon [/toggle] [toggle title=”Joanna Dossman”]Improving Rice Seed in the Western Hemisphere Download PDF [/toggle]




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