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Rice farmers are reaping the benefits of Horizon Ag Clearfield (R) rice varieties.

Horizon Ag’s rice varieties continue to improve in yield, disease resistance and grain quality as more universities develop Clearfield® varieties using advanced germplasm from their breeding programs. Horizon Ag is continually working to bring these new and improved Clearfield rice varieties to market as quickly as possible.







El Aceituno

Cultivos y Semillas el Aceituno is committed to produce the highest rice quality possible for select clients.

Our staff is always concerned about the quality of the product and the possibilities to improve that particular product, because we at Cultivos y Semillas el Aceituno believe each client has different needs and we dedicate our time trying to define those specific needs to get a better approach and design a research plan to develop the highest quality possible in the product.

We currently produce rice for some of the most important and recognized brands in Colombia and for some multinational companies that rely in our experience and dedication.

The rice production of Cultivos y Semillas el Aceituno is close study and relationship between the client and our company to improve every day and deliver a high quality product that will meet the requirements of the industry and the consumers’ exigencies.

Cultivos y Semillas el Aceituno is the leading company in the production of rice for cereals and rice for Industrial Purposes.



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