Dr. Danilo Vera Coello, he earned his Master Degree In epidemiology comparative in the development of the Black Sigatoka on banana and plantain in 2003 at Universidad Federal de Vicosa, Minas Gerais, Brazil and his Ph. D On the role of the dangerous condition in the epidemiology of the eyespot in wheat in 2015 at the Washington State University. He speaks Spanish and is fluently in English and Portuguese.

He is a researcher in the Department of plant protection of the National Institute of Agricultural research (INIAP) in Ecuador. He has worked at the clinic for diagnosis of the phytosanitary problems of the tropical crops. He has also worked as a technical consultant to handle the crops of: rice, corn, wheat, soy, banana and palm oil.

Vera has participated in the provision of support in several international projects focused on the management of tropical crops as speaker and participant in several meetings, conventions and seminars in USA, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Philippines etc.

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