Global perspective of Hybrid Rice

Dr. Chu serves as Consultant to RiceTec AG CEO, taking the lead of several projects in China. Dr. Chu also has work experience in the US Seed Industry as Senior Director and China Coordinator in the Line Development Department, and Traits and Technology Department at RiceTec, Inc. While in this position Dr. Chu was responsible for planning, directing, supervising, coordinating and implementing research projects relative to hybrid rice breeding, and traits development. In addition he also established a china hybrid rice network including provincial academies on germplasm development; developed dozens of parental lines and HT traits with commercial value; and contributed as the key player to reach profitability of company.  Prior to his work at RiceTec, Inc., Dr. Chu worked at LSU as  Rice breeder for 11 years.  He serve as Director General, of the Agro-Biotechnology Research Center, Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences (SAAS). He wrote 3 books and has 154 publications and awarded US patent relative to rice genetics, breeding, and biotechnology. He served as Director, 1st Vice President for National Council of Commercial Plant Breeders. Overall Dr. Chu has 48 years of rice production experience and 35 years of rice research experience, which has resulted in release of numerous rice varieties and germplasm. Dr. Chu has a large network contacts covering both USA and China and the rest of the world. He recently received honorable award as “Best  International Cooperator” during 1st International Rice Forum where 10 academicians and 500 rice scientists attended in Sanya, China.  Dr. Chu received a B.S. in Biology from Shanghai Normal University, China, a M.S. in Plant Genetics and Breeding from the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines, a Ph.D. in Genetics from Louisiana State University in the US, and a Certificate of Scientific Management from Shanghai Science Management University in China.

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