The Wright Group

Dr. Yi Wu is the Chief Innovation Director of The Wright Group based in USA.  With a Ph.D. in Food Science, Nutrition and Biological System Engineering from University of Nebraska, Dr. Wu’s expertise is in the area of development and application of edible coating to nutrition and nutraceutical products.  During her 15 years tenure with the Wright Group, Dr. Yi Wu has developed and created many proprietary nutritional and nutraceutical ingredients that has evolved into The Wright Group’s key ingredient product lines such as microencapsulated ingredients, granulated ingredients as well as rice fortification ingredients, which are used for food fortification, dietary supplements and rice fortification.  She is the developer of the Wright Group’s new generation of rinse resistant rice premix products.  Through years dedicated research and study, Dr. Wu has improved the company’s existing rice premix products and created rinse resistant and cost effective rice premix products with superior quality in the market that can be customized to the nutritional profiles of different countries and regions.  Her passion is to create products for food fortification and join the global effort in nutrition and health promotion for people.  Dr. Wu also holds B.S. and M.S. in Biology and Biochemistry.  She had also taught university level of Food Science and Food Quality for eight years and enjoys teaching.  Currently, Dr. Wu is the head of the Wright Group’s R&D and technical service team and leads the product innovation activities for the company’s Global Wellness Projects.

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