Dr. J. Thomas Wynn is a farmer, rancher, marketing analyst, and COO of M&W Farm & Ranch in Egypt, Texas. He is also a partner in Coastal Rice & Futures Inc. in East Bernard, Texas.  His specialty is risk management in agricultural commodity markets.  He also focuses on innovation diffusion and agricultural policy in both domestic and international settings.  In addition to consulting in the private sector, Wynn works with international industry trade associations and producer groups to promote sound agricultural practices and policies.

Wynn received his Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics from Texas A&M University in 2004 then completing his Masters in Agribusiness in 2006.  His master’s program included extensive training in business analysis, price forecasting, market simulation, and risk management.  Following a sojourn in industry, he returned to Texas A&M earning his Ph.D. in International Agriculture in 2017.

In 2006, Wynn took a position with the US Rice Producers Association (USRPA) in Houston, Texas serving as the Director of International Market Development for USRPA.  He traveled extensively in Latin America, Central America, and Mexico developing and implementing promotional programs as well as providing marketing support and advice to specialists in the public and private sectors.  He has also worked briefly in Switzerland; his travels include Thailand, Trinidad, and Tobago.

During the 2008 Farm Bill proceedings, Wynn spent a significant amount of time in Washington D.C. working with farm industry lobbyists and the US Farm Service Agency (FSA) to achieve practical, realistic farm bill regulations, and implementation standards.  Wynn – a featured speaker at more than 30 domestic and international conferences – is a contributing author to multiple agricultural publications. In 2013 the National Cotton Council honored him with the “Cotton Marketer of the Year” award.

Thomas, an Eagle Scout, currently lives with his wife Mary and daughters in Egypt, Texas.  He is a partner and COO of M&W Farm & Ranch where he manages daily operations and risk management.  He currently pursues a career in farm management, consulting in agricultural risk management, and serving the agricultural industry as a grain broker through Coastal Rice and Futures.

Dr. J. Thomas Wynn

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