Minister of Production for the Providence of Corrientes, Argentina

Jorge Vara graduated as Agronomist Engineer at the National University of the Northeast in 1982. He finished his career as Formed Researcher (Initiation and Improvement) in the Secretary of Science and Technology of UNNE (1986).

Vara has been an a rice producer since 1992, was an adviser of producers and agricultural companies until the year 2009. He was President of the Association Correntina of Rice Planters (2005-2009) He has collaborated in Technical and Trade Missions (outside of Mercosur) in USA, Spain, Italy, France, Russia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Venezuela, Canada, China.

Vara works as Minister of Production of the Province of Corrientes since 2009 to date and he is a representative of Corrientes at the Federal Investment Council. Vera is Professor of Regional cultivation of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences in the UNNE, is married and has 4 children.Vara, Jorge

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