Product Marketing at Kepler Weber Company

Luiz Felipe Leidens has Master’s Degree in Projects and Manufacturing Processes from UPF (Passo Fundo, Brazil) and bachelor degree in Agribusiness Production Engineering from FACIAP (Cascavel, Brazil). His Master´s dissertation presented a numerical simulation and stress experimental measurement, for the external structure of high processing capacity grain cleaning machine.

With more than ten years of experience in grain storage projects, Mr. Leidens has developed products for grain drying and storage, including studies, design and field monitoring of rice dryers. For greater knowledge in the grain storage process, he joined technical workshops in Brazil and United States, such as Kansas State University, one of the most important institutions of the agro industry.

At this moment he is Product Marketing Analyst at Kepler Weber Company, the Latin America leader in grain storage systems. He is also part of the research and development team, focusing on innovation´s strategy.

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