Advisor Minister of Agriculture and Consultant in Defense and National Security.

Agronomist with Masters in Agricultural Sciences, specialist in Genetics and Varietal Improvement. Master’s Degree in Defense and National Security.

Technical Advisor to the Ministers of Agriculture Salvador (Chío) Jiménez

Luis Ramón Rodríguez and Technical and Climate Advisor to Minister Ángel Estévez Bourdier in the Ministry of Agriculture, April 2007 to date.

Host of the daily column on Agropecuaria, “FotoSINTESIS”, of the radio show “El Sol de la mañana” transmitted by ZOLFM (106.5 FM)

Co-host of the Saturday television show TeleRadio Agropecuario, along with Dr. Enriquillo Rivas in TeleRadio America (channels 12 and 45).

Technical advisor assigned to the Vice Minister of Agriculture of the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform (MIDINRA) of the Government of Nicaragua and national responsible for Rice Research.


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