For three decades Milo Hamilton has covered the world of rice for his customers. For 18 years he bought rice for Uncle Ben’s Inc., a Mars Incorporated company. For the last 14 years, his company, Firstgrain, has published a weekly newsletter that advises sophisticated rice firms and farmers on the market and its relationship to everything else. It focuses on long-term and short-term changes and gives others an edge. It seeks to level the playing field for rice farmers to help them prosper and to respect each other as professionals. The current clientele of Firstgrain includes CEOs of rice firms and farms across the globe. Milo Hamilton travels throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia sharing his expert message on the global rice market with these firms, farmers, associations, and bureaus.

In recent years, Milo Hamilton grew concerned about the global impact of change from the rural rice markets in Asia. His concern led him to write his book When Rice Shakes the World; so others might know what could happen and what should happen as the East and the West collide.

Milo Hamilton has an English Literature degree from Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, and agricultural economic degrees from the Universities of Missouri and Minnesota. Prior to founding Firstgrain, Milo Hamilton started his agricultural economic career as a journalist and speaker at Professional Farmers of America training buyers, merchants, and farmers in the skills of risk management and hedging.

Milo Hamilton lives in Austin, Texas.

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