Ricardo Ghisays is currently responsible for the Commercial and Technology Presidency of SuperBrix S.A. in Barranquilla Colombia. He has 30 years of experience in other positions within the organization such as Design Director, Project Manager, Engineering and Innovation Manager and International Sales Manager. Ricardo is an Agro-Industrial Engineer graduated from UNELLEZ in Venezuela, and has a Specialist Degree in Administration and Management from the SEMLA program of the Institute for International Studies in Education, in Pittsburg, USA.

He was the winner of the Scholarship “Innovative Managers of Colciencias in the Training Program in Cereal Grinding and Fractionation Techniques for Ethanol Production”; he participated in the International Grains Program of Kansas State University and developed, together with Applied Milling Systems, Inc. in Houston, USA, the cereal milling school in 2008. Ricardo has been involved in the coordination and participation of multiple congresses, forums, seminars, workshops and international fairs of the Agroindustrial sector in more than 55 destinations around the world, as a speaker and exhibitor. These experiences and his professional career at SuperBrix allow him to provide extensive knowledge in the design of the transformation processes and the multiple milling techniques for rice and its co-products, used in different latitudes and rice varieties.

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