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As founder Director –APIT (Agri process Innovations Technologies LLP) , Shashi Kumar Thimmaiah is in charge of the company’s strategic Decisions, and is responsible for its complete Business expansion & New Technical Innovation.

Thimmaiah, Mechanical Graduate from University of Mysore , and certified Food Technologist , Seasoned under ,One of the Best Rice research Brain in the World ,Mr. K.R.Bhattacharya ,who was instrumental in Modern par boiling Technology Research.

Shashi Kumar Thimmaiah & Team of Doctorate research students in grain science and technology Department from India’s premium Institutes Developed Worlds Most Sophisticated, Parboiling Processing System –The System, which is Derived from, Human Cerebral Data Processing System, and Tuned to Applied Data Processing System, Finite Data Processing System and With Concluded with Artificial Intelligence Process.

The Parboiling Technology main motive is Hygenic,Nutrition preservation and Eco friendly , APIT’s Par Boiling and Grain Drying System Bringing the Revoltion in Applied Process Engineering in Rice Mills .

Shashikumar Thimmaiah is known as “Grain Brain”in South Asia , He is Working Very Hard since from Decade to Improve the Process Techniques In Par Boiling and Drying systems , as Well As Accelerated Aged Rice Processing system .

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