Executive Director –Marketing

As Executive Director –Marketing of SKF Boilers And Driers  Pvt. Limited, Shashikumar Thimmaiah is in charge of the company’s strategic and business Development  and is responsible for its complete Business expansion & New Technical Innovation .

Thimmaiah, Mechanical Graduate from University of Mysore , and certified  at Food Science and Technology , Seasoned under ,One of the Best Rice research Brain in the World ,Mr. K.R. Bhattacharya ,who was instrumental in Modern par –boiling  research .

K.R. Bhattacharya was his Mentor , Shashikumar Thimmaiah & few Doctorate research students in grain science and technology department from Indias premium Food research and Lab institution, CFTRI Developed Next Gen Par boiling solution –Named after K.R. Bhattacharya –BHATTACHARYA RICE INTELLIGENCE SYSTEM or BRIS ,which is expected to be a ART OF PADDY PROCESSING ,will change the dynamics of Par-boiling Process .

Shashikumar Thimmaiah is working towards ‘GRAIN REVOLUTION” –save Grain and Save Nation ,a social cause in rice processing industry ,vision of the Grain Revolution is “every grain which get birth on land must be protected and saved at ,farmers, millers ,traders and consumer level to eradicate hunger  .  and He is authoring a Book called “GRAIN REVOLUTION”.

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